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"Accompanying [Task Attack's] great gameplay is a stellar retro soundtrack. Alex Cap’s soundtrack brings the game to life with modern hardware, while keeping that grungy chunk of the limited sounds arcade cabinets and old game consoles would produce. Complexity does exist within the tracks, but feels grounded to the retro aesthetic."

Jordan Thompson, TouchArcade writer

"[Task Attack's] original score should make you pine for the days of shoulder pads and really bad hair."

Brent Dirks, AppAdvice writer

"Thank you again! It was great working with you, you wrote a brilliant score!"

Natalie Dease, director

"Thank you again for making my wedding so special. I had so many people come up to me and say what a phenomenal job you did."

Maria Swift Rickert

"I have greatly enjoyed working with Alex in various projects including opera rehearsals, theatrical performances, and academic conference presentations. Alex's professionalism and artistry bring the music to life with quality and spirit."

Dr. Robert W. Butts, conductor and lecturer

"Excellent job! A talented musician who I will enjoy working with again. Very reliable and quality work."

John (HireFreelancers), client

"Great job and easy to work with."

Stuart Duncan, manager of the Sons of Korah

"I've enjoyed our collaboration, efficient and reliable. I appreciate your work ability and ethic."

Kim Kalesti, singer and songwriter

"Thanks so much for all your great work and help last year; it's wonderful working with you. Look forward to more ahead!"

Elizabeth Demmer, assistant to Tim Janis

"Cap's performance of Liszt's 'Transcendental Etude No. 8 in C Minor' began with a barrage of chords and thrumming low notes. The pianist continued through a series of epic and hyperactive sections and drove the chords down in an emphatic finish. The piece was unruly, but the performance was disciplined."

Matt Huston, TCNJ Signal writer

"Substantial program, skillfully delivered! I also enjoyed your program notes -- you provided a charming, relaxed description of the works that put your audience at ease. You conveyed a clear command of the history behind the works, and a thorough understanding of the musical periods and styles."

Dr. Teresa Marrin Nakra, professor of music technology

"You have made my performances better by accompanying me. You are the best accompanist ever, so I thank you for accompanying me!!"

Valmik, 9